About gzuniga21

Born in Santiago, Chile in 1980 but moved to San Juan, PR at the age of six. My baseball interest grew over the years in the Island; played from age 11 to 13 but a wrist injury prevented me to develop as a competitive player. More of a player fan instead of a team fan. At the beginning I was a fan of the Chicago Cubs and the Oakland A’s because of Ryne Sandberg and Jose Canseco. Then between 1992 and 1993 became a huge fan of Frank Thomas (hence the Chicago White Sox) up until October 17, 2005 when the “Lidge Blast” occurred in the top of the 9th Game 5 of the NLCS, stunning and shutting the celebration of the Astros fan and forcing an extra game. From that moment on I’ve been a huge supporter of the St. Louis Cardinals because of 1B #5, Albert Pujols.


baseball, basketball, movies, rock, travel, photography, kayak, racquetball, dominoes, pool, whisky, coaster enthusiast, avid collector